DriveWorks is a SolidWorks based reputed design automation tool used by manufacturing companies to automate repetitive design tasks. The tool is best suited for configurable products and can help manufacturers to drastically reduce the engineering lead time.

DriveWorks however is a complete CPQ solution that can be implemented for sales and marketing to improve customer experience significantly. CPQ solutions are often considered as a subset of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for most of the vendors. However, it remains a key driver for a positive customer experience, especially for built-to-order product manufacturers such as furniture, shopfitting, doors & windows, etc. It is thus important to look DriveWorks also as a tool that can be extended beyond just automating models and manufacturing documentation for in-house use.

DriveWorks as a tool beyond design automation

The capabilities of DriveWorks can be extended even outside the organization by developing a product configurator that can be utilized by customers or distributors anytime, anywhere. The feature of developing a custom web-based configurator is possible in the DriveWorks Pro package that includes the Web module. Integrating such online facility product configuration facility actually helps the manufacturers to enhance their guided selling capability. It further increases customer’s loyalty towards the brand and remains a best way to help close the business.

Guided selling with configurator for enhanced customer experience

Most importantly, product configurator developed using DriveWorks helps in eliminating negative experience of the customers. For any manufacturer, the worst nightmare is when customers who have purchased the product do not match with what was promised, or the product did not solve the purpose for what it was being purchased.

A manufacturer might compensate with a replacement or try to figure out an alternative solution to please the customer, but the negative experience from the entire incident affects the customer’s perception towards the brand to a great extent. From a customer for life, he can turn into a one-time buyer. Moreover, the issues further extend with the entire supply chain to compensate for the damage done.

CPQ applications like DriveWorks can prevent such issues from occurring by assisting the customer right from the beginning to order the exact product that will meet his requirements.

Providing technical support to sales teams

Once the order is confirmed, the tool also ensures that there are accurate drawings and Bill of Materials (BOMs) generated for that specific custom order, to avoid chances of errors and miscommunication. Also, as the product knowledge is built into the configuration models, sales reps can efficiently guide the customer in making a purchase without prior technical knowledge.

Configurator further provides opportunities for sales teams to up-sell and cross-sell without actually pushing the customers. This is possible since suggested products can be directly linked within the configurator, so that customers can directly compare the pricing and discounts that they might get through a comprehensive purchase.


DriveWorks as such enables the manufacturer to not only remain efficient in the design and manufacturing processes, but also helps in creating better customer buying experiences. A web-based configurator is what ETO manufacturers should look for, in order to differentiate from the competition and deliver a superior buying experience for their customers, and in turn increase their loyalty towards the brand.


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