DriveWorks to create Engaging Customer Buying Experience

We sell pressure vessels, storage tanks, industrial pumps, gas burners, platforms and… did I just make you fall asleep while I write this?

Let’s face it, there are companies who sell pretty boring stuff but are important for our economy. Unlike Marvel’s new comic series or Apple’s new iPhone, there are products that don’t help in raising eyebrows or bringing excitement within the masses, but are actually important to many.

Industrial equipment isn’t exciting, but is critical for every industrial plant. Does that mean that there is no scope of bringing more interest in selling these critical equipments to potential customers?

Absolutely no; with modern CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) tools like DriveWorks, the customer buying experience can be taken to an altogether different level. It is indeed a new way of selling products where a consumer is guided in every step of the purchasing journey. This engaging experience promises a more meaningful relationship with customers with the product that they are buying and most often provides opportunities for manufacturers to win more business.

For those of you who are hearing the term DriveWorks, it is an add-on for SOLIDWORKS that helps in automating repetitive design, manufacturing and sales tasks through rule-based approach. The tool lets you quickly develop design and manufacturing information for each new custom order as well as integrates costing information to generate accurate quotes. While at the manufacturer’s end, there is an increase in productivity by manifold, at the customer’s end, there is more clarity on design, cost and delivery time for the product that he has configured according to the requirements.

With DriveWorks, it is possible to develop an online product configurator that can be accessed by customers anytime and on any device, without actually keeping a sales guy in the loop. Customers can see the changes in the design as they configure the product in real-time and can download the product images, 3D models or even get quotes for the chosen configuration.

Letting customers choose what they want creates an engaging experience while keeping the configuration options suitable according to manufacturing feasibility ensures that whatever the customer chooses can be actually manufactured without any fake promises. Guided selling through DriveWorks further ensures that the customer does not make any wrong choices. The handy tool is equally helpful for sales teams to project product promise with greater confidence and turn potential candidates to actual buyers of the product.

Implementing a DriveWorks solution however in processes that are largely conventional requires proper planning and at least an expert in the design team who can capture the entire product knowledge and establish rules for each parameter that affects the configuration. Several other integrations such as ERP, CRM or PDM are also necessary to ensure the complete benefit of DriveWorks.

While there is a technical support that you can ask for with DriveWorks Pro license, there are many other settings and process improvements required that fall outside the scope of technical support. But there are authorized service partners out there like Hi-Tech CADD Services who can help you in turning an exciting new buying experience for end customers to effectively sell your boring products.

If you’re interested to know more about what more DriveWorks can do for you or want to implement it as a solution for your products, reach out to us via email at


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